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Little Information about your Author.

Civil and Structural Engineering Blog is founded by a curious civil engineer, who is basically crazy and too much into civil engineering & structural behavior. That’s me, AMISH KAPURIYA. I write about civil and structural engineering and try to make sense of what I say in a simple manner. Sometimes I succeed in doing so and sometimes it is hard to express verbally.

I like writing blogs about structural engineering because I like what I am doing and for me, it is my hobby to understand structures. I like new challenges and take them head-on. So you will see many posts from my side, maybe one every couple of weeks.

I am Amish Kapuriya.

I am currently a student of the structural engineer at Saraswati College of Engineering at Mumbai.

Completed my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from St. John College of Engineering and Technology, Palghar, Mumbai, India (2012-2016).

I like to write because I can explain in-depth and I also likes to write about structural engineering. I feel that no matter how difficult a problem is it can be solved using combinations of basic concepts. Here, blogs are focused to clear any doubts on concepts and to build a strong knowledge on topics.