Modify Tools- AutoCAD Tutorial for Beginners

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AutoCAD Modify Tool

AutoCAD Modify tool are those tools which help in editing and correcting any mistake in the existing drawing.

Which tools are Modify tools?

There is a list of tools which are termed as modify tools. Let us understand each of them in detail.

1. Erase (E↵)

As the name suggests, it helps to erase a mistake.
To use this command, simply type E↵ in the command line and select the mistake or incorrect object and click enter to exit the command.

2. Move (M↵)

Sometimes you don’t want to delete or erase an object as it can be used later so you can use the move tool. As the name suggests, it moves objects from one place to other.
Enter into command by typing  M↵ in the command line, select the object and press enter.
Then it will ask to select a base point with which you want to move the selected object. Once a base point is selected the next click will be the point where the object will be moved.

3. Copy (Co↵)

The easiest way to explain this command is that it is used to create a copy of an object without starting from the start again.
Use command Co↵, Select the objects to be copied. Then Specify the base point then provide the location to copy.
Copy command provides a Mode option where a user can select between Single or Multiple.
Single- Copy the object once and exit the command.
Multiple- Create copies until the user escapes out of the command. (Can be used to create doors, windows with same dimensions in a plan).

4. Rotate (Ro↵)

Use this command when you need to rotate an object at a certain angle or to rotate it with reference to any other existing line or angle.
To use this command, type Ro↵, then select the object and specify a base point. From here a user has 3 option to proceed with.
a) Specify a rotation angle: Provide an angle to rotate the existing object.
b) Copy: To create a new copy of selected objects and also rotate it to a specified angle. Use command Co to and create provide an angle. And then click to get a new copy of the object.
c) Reference:
It will copy the angle of a given object and rotate it accordingly.

5. Scale (Sc↵)

It is to be used when you need to enlarge or reduce an object drawn.
To use this command type Sc↵, then select the object and specify a base point.
Then provide a scale factor.
Just like the Rotate command, you can either create a scaled copy or create a copy with reference to another object.

6. Stretch (S↵)

Stretching a closed polygon is easy just click the middle grp and move it to stretch but for an open object, it will be a tedious task. So that’s when this command comes in handy.
Enter into the command by typing S↵, to select the object to stretch use the crossing selection. Then select the basepoint and stretch as per your needs.
(Crossing Selection- Green box selection- selection from right to left)

7. Trim (tr↵)

Generally, we all know trim command as a command to trim an extra portion or line. The common way known to all is
Method 1: Use command Tr↵, Select the object to keep as trimming edge and then select the object to trim.
Method 2: Use command Tr↵↵, directly select the object to trim. (Pressing enter twice instructs the software that all the lines are now cutting edges.)

But there are few more ways like- using Fence, Crossing, and Edge command.
Fence– Here a user draws a fence or a path, and any object intersected by the path will be trimmed. To use this command first go for Tr↵↵, then type F↵ to enter fence command, draw the path and click enter.
Crossing- This command deletes the objects selected by the crossing window. To use this command first go for Tr↵↵, then type C↵ to enter Crossing command, then using the crossing selection and click enter.
Edge- Ths method is an indirect method. The crossing of objects is not necessary. It can trim an object assuming if the lines where intersection. To use this command first go for Tr↵↵, then type E↵ to enter edge command, then select the object to be trimmed and click to trim and enter to exit the command.

8. Extend (Ex↵)

Exactly opposite to trim command is extend command. Here we join the gap between two points by extending one of them, towards other.
Method 1: Use command Ex, Select the object to keep as boundary and then select the object to extend.
Method 2: Use command Ex↵↵, directly select the object to extend.

9. Explode (X↵)

This command is useful to break a closed polygon object into multiple single objects.
To use this command type x in the command line and select the object to explode.


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