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Civil Engineering is an interesting and very vast engineering that one can experience. With minor changes in the factors or conditions, the entire problem can change. Undoubtedly standard codes have made things much easier but there is more to learn.

If you think about civil and structural engineering, you always face the behavior of materials under different loading, bending moment affecting a structure and shear being critical criteria. You get pretty confused and out of curiosity, you will search for the answers in simple words.

I faced the same problem and was unable to find a proper source. we are focusing to overcome this. Generally, all the blogs talk about design methodology and how Indian Standard codes define certain things and stuff like that. Well, that is all empirical. Here we will try to simplify things and try to find answers for our curious mind.

Civil and Structural Engineer's creative outcome

This is how we are going to discuss over here. Taking very basic cases and understanding and applying them to a structure. Once we have covered all these basic concepts, we will discuss building codes and clauses use in structural engineering.

I do not consider this as my work, but instead as my hobby and passion.

Lets Start, shall we?

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